What We Believe

At Zion we are gathered together in the name of the true God for worship, witness and service. Jesus Christ is at the center of all that we say and do, and in his name all are welcome here!

As Christians we believe that the word of God is the means by which God is revealed as the one who has created us, who has redeemed us from all sin, evil and death, and who sustains us in our faith, hope and love.  God is revealed to us above all in the person of Jesus Christ, whom we acknowledge as God’s only Son and our Lord, and through whom we have received the assurance of God’s love and forgiveness.  We acknowledge the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, as the only source and norm for what we believe and teach.  And we believe that God’s Spirit is active in and through the word of God to bring us to faith and help us to be a community of witnesses to God’s love and forgiveness.

We believe that God comes to us with the assurance of love and forgiveness both through the written word of scripture, the Bible, and through two sacraments:  Holy Baptism, by which we are welcomed into the community of faith, and Holy Communion, in which we are reconciled with God and each other, and fed in our faith.

As the people God has gathered together, we believe that we are part of God’s mission of bringing love and forgiveness to the whole world, and so we are committed to praying for others, helping those who are in need, and working for just and peaceful relations among all people.  We welcome all who enter our doors seeking the love and forgiveness of God, regardless of their race, culture or social status.  Here we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

As part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we uphold the Lutheran confessional writings, including the Nicene, Apostles’ and Athanasian creeds, the Augsburg Confession, the Small and Large Catechisms of Martin Luther, and the other writings in the Book of Concord, as true witnesses to the Bible.  We value our Reformation heritage and at the same time we are working toward the unity of the church through our ecumenical relations with other Christian traditions.

What we believe is apparent in our life together here in many ways:  we confess our faith enthusiastically, we are not afraid to ask questions, we study the Bible diligently, we sing joyfully, we volunteer our time and talents both in the congregation and the larger community, and we welcome our visitors with open arms.  We believe that you are welcome here!