Council Highlights

Highlights for December

Results of the questionnaire about our worship services is: 117 questionnaires were sent out and 78 were returned. Of the 78 surveys, 67 surveys voted to go with one service at 9am with Sunday School following at 10:15am. 11 surveys voted to stay the same or some comments were that we should only have a 10:30am service. The council voted to go with one worship service at 9am service starting December 4, 2022. 

The council voted to take food to the stay at home members of Zion. This will be instead of providing a meal for a needy family of 4 or more. 

A 2023 budget was approved by council and will be available for review when all changes have been completed. 

Council voted to stay with ELCA. 

Congregational meeting is set for January 29, 2023 after the 9am service, approximately at 10:15am. We encourage all voting members to attend. 

The council will be reviewing the inactive members. There are several people on the membership role that have moved out of town. 

Virginia Soell resigned from the council effective at the end of the council meeting on November 17, 2022