Council Highlights

Highlights for April

Doug and Nerissa Reitenga will attend the Synod assembly as Robert and Janice Menking are unable to attend. 

The Council voted not to seal the outside walls but to look into finding a contractor to fix the buckling happening on the inside walls. The buckling is happening due to the inconsistency of temperature between the outside and the inside. 

The Easter morning breakfast, hosted by the council, will be held in the Fellowship Hall from 7:30am—8:30am. 

Four pianos will be tuned. 

The Evangelism committee will be interviewing the members of Zion so we can “get to know you.” 

The Council approved the use of the Bracher House July 30—August 4 for the use of the VBS counselors. 

People need to bring chairs, blankets, and flashlights to the 6:30am Easter sunrise service on Cross Mountain on April 9. 

Dan and Judy McGookey have paid for a street banner advertising the Easter sunrise service and paid for the permit to hang it across Main Street. 

In addition to our YouTube channel and our web site, Zion now has a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter presence. You can view these or follow them. Let us know what your thoughts are about these ways of reaching out to members and potential members.