History of ZLC

Zion Lutheran Church was the first Lutheran Church in the Hill Country and one of the oldest in the state of Texas. The congregation was organized in September of 1852. The construction of its first sanctuary was completed in 1854 with members of the congregation providing both the limestone blocks and labor.

As the congregation grew, expansion became necessary. On June 12, 1908, an enlarged sanctuary was dedicated including the bell tower that now stands prominently over Main Street. Also surrounding two sides of the original church property is a stucco over stone wall that was originally erected in 1878. Tradition has it that it was primarily built to keep the animals that roamed Main Street from trampling the church.

In 1998, the congregation undertook another expansion that included the construction of a large fellowship hall, atrium, additional classrooms, offices, and kitchen facilities. These facilities now serve a wide variety of ministries.

In 2010 Zion voted to again renovate its facilities to accommodate a greater youth ministry and the creation of an Early Head Start program, the first of its kind in the Hill Country. This program, connected to the federal Head Start program, and known as “Little Lambs,” served low-income families with childcare needs from ages newborn to 3 years old. Unfortunately, because of government cut-backs, the Early HeadStart program was disbanded in 2018.

Zion has planted three additional congregations and has been known for its commitment to the greater mission of the church. As we continue to move forward, Zion remains committed to sharing the joy of Jesus, to worship, love and serve within and beyond its walls.