Church Council

The Church Council consists of 9 members that are elected at the Annual Congregational meeting each January on a rotating basis. The Council meets on the third Wednesday of the month, and is responsible for the vision and long range planning, as well as, overseeing the business of the church. 

Committee - Church Council - 2021
Top left to right: Peggy Jander, David Hartmann, Paul Hannemann, Neal Burnham, Wilfred Crenwelge Bottom left to right: Jill Minshew, Robert Menking, Sandy Schmidtzinsky, Gina Koennecke

Robert Menking—President , Chairperson & Mission Committees 

David Hartmann—Vice President, Stewardship Committee 

Jill Minshew—Treasure, Finance & Youth Committees 

Sandy Schmidtzinsky—Secretary, Evangelism & Parish Ed Committees 

Neal BurnhamParish Ed Committee 

Wilfred CrenwelgeProperty Committee 

Paul HannemannNominating Committee 

Peggy JanderFellowship Committee 

Gina KoenneckeCemetery Committee