Thank You Notes

Thank you notes for the month of February –

Thank you to everyone who helped take down the Christusbaum decorations. I appreciate all the effort given to make this possible. ~Thank you very much, Emily Beyer Dear Zion

Council and Congregation, We wish to thank you for the gifts and cards during the Christmas season! Thank you for your support and kind words. ~Sincerely, Rhonda Behrends & Sheri Robinson

To Zion and the kind ladies who delivered the very nice goodie bag to me recently. Thank you very much. I am recovering from a bad fall in front of my apartment. ~Thanks, Vernell Helm

To Zion Lutheran Church, thank you for the gift bag I received from the church on December 16, 2022. All the treats, the lip balm and HEB gift card were a nice surprise. I’m enjoying them all. ~Marjie McAdams, God Bless all my Zion Family

Dear Friends of Zion, Many of you have experienced the same sort of loss that I have – loss of a parent. It is hard and sad and disorienting. You are forced to learn lessons that you don’t want to learn, like envisioning and living life without them, trying to see a future without them near, living life despite the sorrow. But there is a lesson I have learned in this event that I didn’t expect, and you are the ones who taught me. In spite of our short friendship, you have shown me compassion and care as I navigate new waters. Your prayers and calls and texts and cards and visits have given relief and healing. From my family and me, thank you for all the ways you have loved us through these days. ~Pr. Kay

Many thanks to the Zion congregation for the care and support of Preston during his stay at Knopp’s. He always enjoyed the Bulletins, the cards from the youth and Christi, the surprise bags that Janalee delivered monthly, and the visits from Pastor Kay and others. A special thank you to all who participated in the memorial service, and to Darlene and her committee that served the luncheon. ~Mary Wilson

Dear Zion Mission Committee, On behalf of the Good Samaritan Center, please accept my thanks for your generous support of our mission. You can be sure your donations will be put to good use to serve those in our community with unmet medical needs. We appreciate you! ~Sincerely, Jill Carr