Thank You Notes

Thank You notes for the month of May!

We would like to thank the congregation for the many gifts and cards received in memory of John Sobey. Special thanks to Pastor Ron and Pastor Lisa for their calls, prayers and concerns which were so helpful! 

~Thanks, Alma Sobey & Family 

The Worship Committee wishes to thank the pastors, council members, Altar Guild, and all the others who did an awesome job of pitching in to make the Lenten Season, Holy Week and Easter Services so successful and meaningful, even with all the changes that had to be made. Blessings to you all. 

A few weeks ago, Virginia Soell put a note in The Chimes thanking the congregation for allowing her to serve on the Zion Council. Her term has expired and she is no longer on Council but I think it is time the congregation thanks Virginia for accepting the duties of a council person. 

Virginia far exceeded what a council person is expected to do while on council and has assisted every Committee in any way they needed her. She faithfully attended every Evangelism meeting I had and participated as any member should have. Thank you, Virginia, for being part of our group in the last 3 years and I hope you will continue meeting with us anytime you want or, even better, become a member of our committee. 

Every member of Zion needs to give Virginia their thanks for all she has done and most of us have no idea how hard she has worked for us. In fact, every council member needs to be thanked for all their efforts, especially during this terrible time with COVID decisions. I know there were many, many meetings the congregation has no idea were being held. Give that a little thought and you will understand what I am saying. 

For every council member, past and present, thank you for accepting the respon-sibility of leading this congregation in so many important ways. You are appreciated and deserve a pat on the back for all you do and have done. I cannot name every person but you know who you are and I say Thank You. 

~Doris Ernst, Co-Chair of Evangelism Committee