Thank You Notes

Thank You notes for the month of July!

Dear Friends, thank you so much for your kind gift of $600 in support of our mission, Helping Our Neighbors in Need. ~Hill Country Needs Council 

A LARGE “thank you” to the members of Zion for all your support of VBS Day Camp. So many people gave donations to help us pay for snacks and food to feed our counselors and campers. Virginia Soell knew just who to call when the AC did not work in the Bracher House and one refrigerator went out! We had some fabulous volunteers to help with the students. These included Donna Oehler, Florence Rogers, Sandy Schmidtzinsky, Rustin Vick (former camper), and Deborah Windecker. Peggy Jander headed up the kitchen with assistance from Debbie Sultemeier, Darlene Hartmann, Kathryn Kneese, Julia Hahn, Yvonne Klaerner, Jim and Emma Jane O’Neal, and Mary Wilson. Also, thanks to Florence Rogers, Jim and Bobbie Schonaerts, and Julia Hahn for treating the counselors to supper. Many thanks to John Weaver for being our purchasing agent and going to Sam’s to purchase items we needed for VBS Day Camp and for heading up the grill for the hamburger supper we had on June 24 to celebrate the closing of VBS. Also, thanks to Perry Strackbein for also grilling that night. Pastor Ron checked in our us every day and Christi Fowler took care of numerous office details. My thanks to ALL of you. And if I missed mentioning you by name, my apologies. You were still much appreciated.

A mustard seed was planted and the branches reached out and touched so many of our youth.  – Janalee Hannemann