Research Committee

May Update

The long-term effort to conduct research on what makes a healthy and growing church began with an initial meeting on March 16, 2022 and is now entering month 2 of its 6-month estimated timeframe. A team of five individuals is studiously poring over the research material which currently amounts to 7 books. Over the course of this effort, summaries of these 7 books are being provided to church leadership. The purpose for these summaries is twofold: 1) to bring them up to speed on the concepts underlying the recommendations they will be presented at the end of the study and 2) enable them to make the best decision possible regarding the next steps related to the recommendations. 

Also, please note that the research committee is accepting thoughts, comments, or recommendations from any church member regarding this church health, church growth study. If you have anything you want to share, you can contact David Hartmann at cell: 830-660-0527; email