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Here is an archive of COVID related news for Zion Lutheran Lutheran Church. To see the current update, click here.

Announcement from Council President on March 24th, 2021

I am very pleased to announce that the statistical COVID numbers which we have been tracking and reporting have met the minimum requirements for the past 21 days which means we are moving into Phase II of the Re-Gathering Plan.  While Phase II doesn’t change many of the protocols, it does allow for a larger group of choir members to participate in our live services and allows for their seating to revert back to the balcony area which allows for more seating in the sanctuary area. But most importantly, it means that if the numbers stay low and safe for another 14 days, we can move to Phase III which allows for more seating and allows us to re-introduce communion into our worship service in the sanctuary.  Let’s all pray for continued progress on the COVID issue.  Thank you so much for your continued support.    – Robert Menking, Council President

Zion Lutheran Church is implementing a phased approach to resuming activities based on the current status of the COVID pandemic in Gillespie County.

Status as of 03/30/2021Current WeekPrevious WeekTrend
Positivity Rate3%4.5%
Active Cases1010
HCMH Capacity
Sufficient Testing Capacity
Current Gillespie County COVID Metrics

The four phases are described below. As of March 24th, we are in Phase II.

2021 - ZLC - Phased Re-Gathering Guidelines
2021 – ZLC – Phased Re-Gathering Guidelines