Call Committee

In January a pastoral Call Committee was established. Members include: Robert Menking (Chairman), David Hartmann (Vice Chairman and recorder), Dwayne Beyer, Emily Beyer, Wilfred Crenwelge, Donna Oehler, and Betty Scrogin.

Call Committee update for May –

Fellow Members of Zion, 

I know that some of you are getting a little frustrated because you don’t see any progress in us getting a new pastor. Some may even feel that the Call Committee does not value your opinion but nothing could be further from the truth. We are beholden to a schedule dictated by the Synod and our originally scheduled orientation for March was cancelled and rescheduled for May 8. We are unsure of what is fully required of us until that orientation takes place. We expect that a congregational survey will be required, however, do not wait for us to contact you. Feel free to contact any member of the Call Committee or better yet submit in writing your thoughts and concerns about our potential new pastor. You may give them to any committee member or drop them off in the church office. We have a Call Committee mail box there and Christi will make sure we receive your input. 

During this period of waiting the Call Committee reviewed information from the recent study group chaired by David Hartmann and The Responsibilities and Duties of the Pastor and Associate Pastor contained in the Operations Manual. 


Jim O’Neal (past Chairman)

Jim O’Neal stepped down as Call Committee Chair in May.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

I thank all of you for your trust in allowing me to serve on the Call Committee and especially to the Call committee for trusting me to chair the committee. Unfortunately, potential health problems and personal circumstances have led me to resign from the committee. The committee is filled with extremely talented and dedicated Christians and I know they will represent Zion well. 

My reasons for leaving had absolutely nothing to do with Zion or its wonderful congregation members. I love you all and will continue participate with you as I have done in the past. 

Please Pray for and support your Call Committee. 

~Jim O’Neal