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The Need for a Space

In September of 2010, about 50 youth and parents of St. Paul and Zion Lutheran gathered on a Sunday afternoon to imagine what a joint youth and family ministry might look like between the churches.  Through some fun games, Bible study, and an open forum for ideas and concerns to be shared, a desire emerged to have a "space" to center and to pause in the midst of busy family life.  

The basement of Zion was unused at the time and soon began taking on a transformation through the ideas and thoughts shared in the family forum.   On May 1st, 2011, the space was finished and dedicated as Elijah's Cave.  The name went through a number of iterations among some parents and youth, finally settling on this rich scriptural reference and place.

Rooted in Scripture

In 1 Kings 19, the prophet Elijah is running from those who would have him killed.  He is sustained in the desert by God as he flees, eventually finding his way to a cave at Mount Sinai, the same mount where Moses and the Israelites met God in the Exodus story.  In the cave, God asks the fear-filled Elijah, "Elijah, what are you doing here?"  Elijah explains his situation. God then tells him to come to the cave entrance and God will pass by.  An earthquake ensues...and God is not in it.  A mighty wind blows...and God is not in it.  A fire burns...and God is not in it.  Then there is a quiet whisper...and God was in this.  Elijah is reminded at this cave that God also works in ways that are not always on a grand scale, but also in ways that are subtle and near.

We listen for the question of God in Elijah's Cave, "What are you doing here?"  We realize that this place is a place of renewal, fun fellowship, gathering, and life, but only so much as we do what Elijah did...leave to cave to life into the purpose God had for him as he went and anointed the next king and passed his prophetic mantle to Elisha.  Elijah's Cave is also a place for all to gather and explore and experience a God who works in subtle ways in our lives for others.

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