Confirmation Classes

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Our confirmation class is a two-year program... for 7th and 8th graders

Confirmation has traditionally been understood as a time of faith learning and exploring for middle school youth.  It is a time to learn the basics of the Christian Faith and explore details of the Lutheran contribution to the Christian faith, but more than just having a list of information to memorize and remember. We believe that confirmation is an "affirmation of our Baptism."  

What this means is that we acknowledge that in Baptism we have been drawn into the larger story of God's life and love for us and for the entire world. So, confirmation is also a time of building relationships between youth as they explore their faith together. Confirmation is one place where youth can discuss difficult questions about faith and life they may have. It is also a time to build relationships with the adults of our congregations in sharing in faith conversations. It is a time to "practice" our faith in public service projects. And, in all this, plus so much more that is not listed here, we are attending to our relationship with God, who has been with us since our very first breath.

This year we are using the Here We Stand materials to guide and shape our discussion for the year.  

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