Pastor's Devotion for a week beginning November 30, 2016

Matthew 24:  34Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place.  35Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

You probably should read all of Matthew 24, but maybe I can sum it up.

Jesus gives images of the end times, etc.

Images that have happened over and over since then.

So how do we reconcile these words of Jesus?

I think we need to look at the event that defines him.

The resurrection.

Certainly one must die to be raised, and so we are grateful for his forgiveness on the cross.

But the resurrection ushered in a new heaven and a new earth.

Jesus says this generation will not pass away until everything has happened.

He made it happen.

He rose from the dead and the promise of life was fulfilled.

Heaven and earth passed away, and now life is new!

It is our experience of baptism.

We are raised to new life through the water.

We experience the fullness of new life when we come to the Lord’s table.

The world is a mess, let’s just say it.

But Jesus’ kingdom is different.

It is a kingdom of hope.

Hope in the life to come.

Hope in experiencing life in him now.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see hope in this world.

But if we remember in whom our hope lies, it can be different.

It is not in government.

It is not in any individual on earth.

Hope is in the resurrection of Jesus, that points us to our own eternal life.

We might be anxious to get there.

But we have an assignment on earth first.

Love one another as I have loved you, Jesus says, recorded by John.

Simple words, hard task.

But hoping against hope, we can do it.

We must do it.

The world needs it.

And the words we share and the deeds we do in his name will never pass away.

That’s a promise we can live with right now!

Lord, keep us in hope.  Amen

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